Creamy Rosette Dress

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Product code : R14003
Price: IDR 630,000

For fine young ladies, we serve a special Creamy Rosette Dress, an indulgent vanilla  strawberry smoothies with a scent of rose. So rich and delicate!

  •  Soft pink Raw Silk-Taffeta fabric for bodice and skirt
  •  Soft pink Organdy fabric for upper part of the top
  •  Soft pink Organdy round shaped collars with embedded pearls line along the collars
  •  Short fancy soft pink Organdy sleeves
  •  Peach pink Taffeta belt along the waist line
  •  Soft pink Organdy fabric lining pattern at the lower part of skirt
  •  Knee-length skirt
  •  Petty-skirt attached
  •  Hidden back zip
  •  Lining polyester
  •  Dry Clean only

* Accessory is excluded