Our (perfect) Summer Product

We are ready for summer, there are some of our Spring/Summer 2013 collection dresses that ready to rumble her summer evening party or something formal.  

1. Bluebell Dress

Who says we can't go blue for summer? This is definitely a good choice for her calm touch in summer. The dress is simple, not being too much and just have a perfect light blue.

6 Tips Shopping with Kids


It's a little important to understand how should things go when we go shopping with our kids. They can help or stressed you out. Going shopping with them can be challenging, but guess what there are ways to make it work out well. You can try this by yourself 

1. Know When to Go

Say Hello to Suri Cruise

Long time no see Suri Cruise. After Katie and Tom divorced, she's look way more casual than any other day before. Not so glam, but still so stylish after all. Say thanks to Katie's little obssesion to not making her girl look "too much". Here are some pictures of Suri in 2013. No matter what she choose to wear, she's still stylish no matter what.

Jessica Alba as an Inspiring Mom

There is time when a mom should decide what she prioritize the most between family and career. We bet most of moms will choose both, they would like to keep their family and career work in a balance. But as we all know, no one will have a kinda perfect life like that, and after all we have to make our decisions again. 

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