Our (perfect) Summer Product

We are ready for summer, there are some of our Spring/Summer 2013 collection dresses that ready to rumble her summer evening party or something formal.  

1. Bluebell Dress

Who says we can't go blue for summer? This is definitely a good choice for her calm touch in summer. The dress is simple, not being too much and just have a perfect light blue.

2. Lemon Drop Dress

This is obviously the right choice for summer. It is bright just like how sun shines during summer. Cute,fresh, and just be friends with attention all night long

3. Pearl Coral Dress

Go red for this summer! It is light and simple dress. Attract people with its bold red. And be ready to have all the attention.

4. Sea Foam Dress

Last but not least, another blue dress. Blue is defining the colour of ocean and sky in summer. It's not boring at all, pretty, and stay calm. Perfect for all princess-wanna-be out there.


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