Jessica Alba as an Inspiring Mom

There is time when a mom should decide what she prioritize the most between family and career. We bet most of moms will choose both, they would like to keep their family and career work in a balance. But as we all know, no one will have a kinda perfect life like that, and after all we have to make our decisions again. 

Just like what Jessica Alba did, she choose her kids and family over some movies that have been offered to her. As featured on , she said that she will choose only a role that she would love to play. It is all just because she wants to be a good wife and mom for her family. She makes a great decision, since she has already done so much for her career and right now she is currently working on "Honest" a natural, eco-organic products for baby and kids. 

Hope she's going to inspired all moms out there. 

P.S : she and her daughters are fashionable, too. Check out their daily style

With Honor and Warren as featured on Parenting Magazine Cover

 Going to lunch with her two adorable daughters (they are stylish!)

 In a public park with Haven Garner Honor

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