6 Tips Shopping with Kids


It's a little important to understand how should things go when we go shopping with our kids. They can help or stressed you out. Going shopping with them can be challenging, but guess what there are ways to make it work out well. You can try this by yourself 

1. Know When to Go

Go at the right times! If you're going to do some grocery shopping, then you should say no to weekends or evenings. Crowds make it worse to calm them down. Morning or afternoon will be the best choice. 

2. Satisfy Basic Needs First

Before you go out, make sure they have ben fed and had a good nap or else they will iritate yourself by all the noisy sound they make.        

3. Amuse Your Kids While Shopping

Keep them busy and quiet with a bag full of their toys and everything they would like to be focused on. So if you’re going on a long day shopping, this trick definitely worth a try.

4. Shopping with older kids

The only thing that we can do with older kids is : let them help you. How? By asking them to find things they may similar with.

5. Rewards System

Nothing is better than giving children a treat if they behave well. Give them an ice cream, a visit to friend’s house, or anything they like.

6. Just Say No

Don’t be afraid to say “NO”. Be firm and consistent, but loving and kind. Especially to things that is not good for them anyway. 

source : allwomenstalk.com, google.com

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